There are a large number of websites that pay you for you to license their content. Each site is almost completely unique in the type of payments it offers, the copyrights it expects from your work, and more.

We have researched each site individually to find out what it is about and to help you decide whether or not the site will fit your needs.

We hope you get one or more websites that interest you and will help you expand your business, give you name recognition, and ultimately bring more traffic and sales to your business.

Basically these sites pay you to blog about topics that the site or another business would like you to write about, and you get paid an amount of money for it. Generally these sites require that you already have an established blog, and may ask for details on traffic, unique visitors, how long the blog has existed, and other details.

These sites are competing with the largest online advertising networks in the world such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo by creating a more unique and specific interaction and communication with both bloggers and advertisers.

Instead of simply putting contextual ads next to related content on a blog, like Adsense or other contextual advertising networks do, these sites and networks have more targeted campaigns for the advertiser based on demographic and traffic data of the blogs in their network and other factors.

Bloggers and advertisers both are finding that beyond relevancy, that extra specificity and context is also important, among other elements, and the challenge for these networks and bloggers is to learn what type of advertising works best with blog publishing.

This a large part of the competitive battle that is currently being fought between blog publishing networks. The most proven and efficient networks are getting the largest deals from advertisers.

Bloggers can benefit from membership on these sites by having control over the ads that run on their websites, by being able to decide for themselves how much ad space on their blog is worth (in many cases), and also by being able to choose several different types of advertisements to put on their blog (contextual, banner, sidebar, email, reviews, and others).

B5 Media

Payment Structure: Varies Depending On Job
Copyrights Granted To Site: Varies Depending On Job
Application Link:

Review: B5 Media is one of the major blog networks on the internet, as it has approximately 10 million page views per month in all of its blog networks, with 1 million unique visitors per month.

Getting accepted to write for one of B5 Media’s blogs is a major accomplishment, as B5 Media is widely recognized in the writing world. There is no doubt that B5 Media would open several doors of opportunity for a blogger.

B5 advertises their jobs on Pro Blogger’s job board. Each particular job has different rights and payment structures, however it seems like B5 is always hiring talented writers, so having a look at the job board on a regular basis for jobs of interest is a good idea.

They also handle advertising on their own unique network, and although the payment rate likely varies depending on the blog you write for, there is likely a very fair and potentially substantial payment structure for writers.

Blog Advertising Store

Payment Structure: Varies based on blogger’s choice
Copyrights Granted To Site: None specified in terms:
Application Link:

Review: Blog Advertising Store is a review oriented advertising network. It works like this: advertisers have a product, service, or site they wish to promote. They can choose to have a

blogger post a pre-written press release promoting their interest, or they can have the blogger write about the product, service, or site. Bloggers can choose how much a review will cost on their blog.

The advertiser can select the criteria for the type of blog that they wish to promote their interest on, and they can also choose any anchor text, links, and images they wish the blogger to use in the review.

The blogger looks up the review requests that match his or her blog, and requests to write the review. If the blogger is approved, the review will be approved by Blog Advertising Store and the job will be completed.

Blog To Profit

Payment Structure: Per post (amount unspecified)
Copyrights Granted To Site: Unspecified (probably none)
Application Link:

Review: Blog To Profit is a blog network that requires blogs be at least 2 months old with quality content updated 2 times per week. Blog To Profit pays bloggers an unspecified amount per post.

The content of the blog post is not required to be advertorial or sales oriented in nature. Blog To Profit requires that bloggers keep their posts up for 12 months after posting them.

Assignments are given to bloggers once they are accepted into the network. Payments are on a weekly basis via Paypal.

BlogHer Ads

Payment Structure: Unclear (Most likely pay for performance)
Copyrights Granted To Site:
Unspecified (most likely non-exclusive) Application Link:

Review: BlogHer ads is network of blogs that are written by women or have a primarily female audience. It claims over 16 million visitors each month for its network of blogs.

Blogs may register to be listed in their directory, however for “BlogHer Ads” which is the advertising network related to BlogHer, inclusion is dependent on an application and a number of editorial guidelines. At the present moment there is a waiting list for new blogs into the advertising network.

The BlogHer advertising network is designed to allow advertisers access to select blogs to sell their products and services to a primarily female audience. I could not find information on how payment and copyright works for the blogs in the advertising network. It is very likely similar to other blog advertising networks, however one would need to join the waiting list and be accepted for more details.


Payment Structure: Per post
Copyrights Granted To Site: Nonexclusive rights (see part 3 of terms
Application Link:

Review: Blogitive is a new blogging network that pays bloggers per post. Bloggers earn money by publishing their opinions and do not need to advertise anything. Blogitive will be offering Ghost Blogging and Comment Moderation services in the future.

Blogitive explains that bloggers should apply to their network after their blogs have been established with a readership base. One benefit of Blogitive is that they pay every week.


Payment Structure: Per Task ($4-$25 per entry)
Copyrights Granted To Site: None specified in terms:
Application Link:

Review: Blogsvertise is a blogging advertising network that assigns bloggers different assignments based on advertisers needs.

Blogsvertise does not actually requires bloggers to advertise or promote advertisers but rather write articles about the advertisers with backlinks.

Blogsvertise does not allow bloggers to determine price per post, and they mention that a third party determines how much bloggers get paid, but that it is usually $4-$25 per post, and can be higher if blogs have more substantial traffic.

Like several other blog networks, Blogsvertise requires that blog articles remain on the blog indefinitely and are not deleted.

Bright Hub

Payment Structure: $10 upfront plus revenue share.
Copyrights Granted To Site: Only online publishing rights, offline publishing rights are yours:
Application Link:

Review: BrightHub pays technology experts for articles on their site. You will likely need experience in some type of technology related field to able to write for BrightHub. Once accepted you are paid upfront for your articles ($10) and a revenue sharing percentage based on how much traffic your articles get.

BrightHub does not require a minimum number of articles from its writers, so it is flexible on that issue. It might be a good idea for some name exposure to write for BrightHub since it does get a large amount of traffic, and if you are interested in technology you might enjoy being a writer for them.

Buy Blog Reviews

Payment Structure: Paid per post
Copyrights Granted To Site: Unspecified (likely non-exclusive)
Application Link:

Review: Buy Blog Reviews is another blog review advertising website that links bloggers with advertisers. Their only method of income for bloggers is pay per review. Buy Blog Reviews has a lot of traffic and a simple interface.

The way it works is by advertisers posting review projects and having bloggers bid on them. They have a wide choice of professional to amateur bloggers to choose from. Bloggers get to bid on opportunities related to their blog topics.

The site is simple enough to use for bloggers and advertisers, and payments are made with Paypal every 1st and 15th of every month.

Creative Weblogging

Payment Structure: Per Post And Per Page Views
Copyrights Granted To Site: Unspecified
Application Link:

Review: Creative Weblogging is a fairly selective blog network that pays bloggers per post once they are accepted into their network. In particular, they are looking for blogs with 50,000 page views/month.

They have a current network of 150+ blogs. They pay $7 or more per post along with $1 per 1000 page views. They offer hosting and free guest bloggers. They also offer editing services.

This site may be a good option for a blog that is starting to take off and is looking for editors to assist them with their content along with access to other blogs for guest blogs and revenue streams.

Payment Structure: $4.00 per blog post with quarterly promotions available
Copyrights Granted To Site: Complete copyright
Application Link:

Review: accepts new bloggers on a recurring basis. They require that new bloggers have experience in one of the topics that are blogged about on the site including parenting, marriage, family fun, gardening, and more.

They self host the blogs on their site and the blog is promoted on the site so it will get traffic. The pay isn’t that great, but there is still high competition for the site. The required entries are 300 words or longer and there is a 90 day probationary period.

Application is through an email containing their required information about your experience, a short bio, and some samples.

Glam Media

Payment Structure: Depends (Varies based on blog, blogger’s choice advertising package, and other factors)
Copyrights Granted To Site: None (
Application Link:

Review: Glam Media is one of the two blog advertising networks that completed a $84.6 million dollar investment deal last year. It has a wider network of blogs than Federated Media, the other network that completed a large deal last year. Federated Media is highly selective, and so is Glam Media, but Glam Media’s blog network is much larger (1400+) and thus there is a better chance of being accepted to Glam Media.

If your blog makes it through the application phase, you are assigned a designated advertisement representative, which is uncommon for blog advertising networks. This rep will help determine the best advertisers for your blog and deal with much of the advertising related business, while you can focus more time on your content. An ad space on your blog may be advertised on exclusively by an advertiser, or it may be packaged with ad space on other blogs.

There are other terms, details, and conditions that can be read here:

Link Post

Payment Structure: Per Post
Copyrights Granted To Site: Non-exclusive (see terms part 5:
Application Link:

Review: Link Post is a part of a larger advertising network called Link Worth. Link Post is the portion of the network that focuses on paid blog posts. Bloggers can earn money on Link Post by writing advertiser directed blog posts. Again, this helps to generate buzz for advertiser websites, while bloggers can make money.

Link Post pays 70% of the cost of the post to the advertiser to the blogger.

Loud Launch

Payment Structure: Varies based on type of advertising campaign
Copyrights Granted To Site: Complete copyrights (see terms on sign up page)
Application Link:

Review: Loud Launch is a blog advertising network that offers advertisers and bloggers a number of different blog advertising options. There are paid posts and press release options available to bloggers, among other types of advertising.

Advertisers on Loud Launch create an advertising campaign and bloggers can choose from available campaigns. Generally, the advertisers choose blogs that have target audiences that the advertisers which to promote their products or services to.

Loud Launch is worth a look for bloggers looking for an alternative advertising networks that or diversifying their income streams.

Pay Per Post

Payment Structure: Blogger choice of rates per word. Copyrights Granted To Site: Unspecified
Application Link:

Review: Pay Per Post just launched a new site with a new layout and payment structure. Bloggers get to determine the prices they would like to be paid per word for advertising posts. Advertisers get to pick who they would like to blog about them. They also get to determine whether they wish to accept or reject a post.

There is a $10.00 fee for advertisers to post “opportunities” which are writing jobs for bloggers. Advertisers can also pay for bloggers to link to their site. Pay Per Post is a good site for bloggers as they have complete control over how much they get paid.

Pay U 2 Blog

Payment Structure: Per assignment
Copyrights Granted To Site: Unspecified
Application Link:

Review: Although there is not much info about Pay U 2 Blog’s payment structure on their main page, it looks as if the site allows bloggers to earn pay per post fees. It seems as if this is a newer site. It mentions that they get several applications for bloggers and that they are selective about the blogs they allow in their network.

They require that their blogs are at least 90 days old, and they mention that they have a good number of assignments every week for bloggers. They pay every 2 weeks via Paypal. This site may be worth a shot to see what type of assignments are available and how much they are offering for payments.

Review Me

Payment Structure: Per Review
Copyrights Granted To Site: Unspecified
Application Link:

Review: Review Me is another review oriented blogging advertising site. Bloggers get paid

$20.00-$200.00 per review that they publish. Advertisers benefit from the traffic and interest that reviews of their products/services generate.

Reviews are required to be a minimum of 200 words. Review Me accepts bloggers all around the world and payment can be through a PrePaid Mastercard or through Paypal.

Bloggers benefit from this site by getting to choose how much they would like to make per review.

Six Apart

Payment Structure: Blogger’s choice of fee for ad space
Copyrights Granted To Site: Non-exclusive (See part 10 of terms:
Application Link:

Review: Six Apart is another blogging advertising company that has a wide variety of blogs and advertisers in its network. It is similar to Glam Media and other large blog advertising companies and it is considered one of the major players in the blog advertising world. Six Apart is the company that created Movable Type, a blog publishing platform, TypePad, a blog hosting service, VOX, and

Blogs can apply for the program if their blog is at least 60 days old, is updated weekly, is hosted by a service that can support advertisements, and is not profane or has adult content.

If you are granted membership into Six Apart, there are a number of advertising opportunities for your blog and it is definitely a recommended choice network to work with if your blog meets the above requirements.


Payment Structure: Pay Per Post or Pay Per Click
Copyrights Granted To Site: Unspecified in terms:
Application Link:

Review: Smorty is a unique blog advertising network in that it allows bloggers to earn money for each post they write about other blogs, or through mini stores that earn bloggers pay per click commissions.

Smorty also offers a cool post exchange program, where a blogger that posts about another blog is guaranteed a post about his or her blog. For instance, if a blogger writes 100 posts about other blogs, they are guaranteed 100 posts written about their blog.

Social Spark

Payment Structure: Varies (Pay Per Post, CPA, and Blog Per Day Sponsorship)
Copyrights Granted To Site: Nonexclusive (see part 3.6)
Application Link:

Review: Social Spark is a neat looking blog network that gets a substantial amount of traffic and has several monetization options for bloggers and advertising options for advertisers.

Advertisers can “rent” a blog out for a whole day and have the blogger write assignments exclusively for that advertiser for that day.

This site has a ton of opportunities for bloggers, many of which are pay per post opportunities and the pay varies but can be quite substantial. It is definitely a good option for any blogger to find more work.

Sponsored Reviews

Payment Structure: Per review ($5.00-$1000+)
Copyrights Granted To Site: Unspecified in terms:
Application Link:

Review: Sponsored Reviews is a site that matches bloggers with advertisers who are looking for bloggers to write reviews on a particular product, site, or service. The advertiser receives traffic from the blog, and the blogger is paid a fee for the review.

Essentially, it’s an organized way for bloggers to find advertisers looking for reviews and vice versa. Sponsored Reviews has 23,000 bloggers in their database. They mention that they do not expect bloggers to write only positive reviews, but rather honest reviews even with criticism where it is necessary.

With the potential to earn substantial amounts per review depending on the blog and other factors, it makes sense for a blogger to sign up for sites like these as they are yet another way to monetize blogging.

Technorati Engage

Payment Structure: Rates vary depending on site traffic and other factors.
Copyrights Granted To Site: Unclear
Application Link: Currently unavailable

Review: After the sales of Glam Media and Federated Media for several million dollars, Technorati decided it was a good idea to jump in on the blog advertising trend. Technorati Media is Technorati’s shot at a blog advertising network. It is currently in a beta phase.

Technorati Media works by matching advertisements with relevant blogs for higher click- through rates and relevant interest.

You get to choose how much you would like to charge advertisers for space on your blog. On the Technorati FAQ, rates vary from $10-$200 per week per advertiser or more for higher traffic blogs.

Although the sign up link is currently unavailable, I have included Technorati Engage because it will likely be one of the major blog networks, and it will be up and running soon. Keep your eyes peeled for when the site is functional again, it shouldn’t be very long from now.


Payment Structure: Performance based and other methods (product reviews, revenue sharing, referrals)
Copyrights Granted To Site: Exclusive
Application Link:

Review: is a content website and blogging platform that pays its contributors for content on several topics. Users are allowed to host a blog on the website which can earn revenue from unique visitors, revenue sharing, or through product reviews. gets a good amount of traffic and it is a good addition to any blogger’s resume or freelancing portfolio. The traffic is a great way for established entrepreneurs and writers to get some brand exposure.

Today is a good option for new bloggers because of self hosted blogs, and the fact that new bloggers do not have to deal with the business side of blogging while using for their blogs.

Weblogs Inc.

Payment Structure: Unspecified
Copyrights Granted To Site: Also unclear from application
Application Link:

Review: Weblogs Inc. is one of the major players in the blogging world, although it is unclear as to what their payment and rights structure is for those accepted as bloggers. Weblogs Inc. is backed by major venture capitalists, so it is no small blog network. Being accepted as a blogger in their network is certain to open several new opportunities for income and reputation building.

The way Weblogs hires and pays bloggers is through an application process where one can apply to write for a blog from one of their 90 blogs, or start a new blog with an original idea.

The application process seems simple enough and their only stated requirement is that you are passionate about your subjects of interest, along with 3 samples and a link to your current blog. It seems that being accepted into their program would be a great addition to any entrepreneur’s resume.

Wise Bread

Payment Structure: Performance based (unclear what type of payment)
Copyrights Granted To Site: Unclear based on application, but likely limited exclusive rights
Application Link:

Review: Wise Bread is a wide network of financial themed blogs. Although the core of Wise Bread’s blogs are about how to be frugal and make ends meet on a small budget, they are expanding their subject matter to cover other topics.

By writing for Wise Bread, you are allowed access to their reader base of over a million page views per month along with a dedicated marketing team to help you market their blog.

Their application is through email rather than a form, where they require 3 sample articles and 5 topic examples of articles you might write in the future.

Wise Bread is a great addition to any blogger’s resume as they have been mentioned in the media several times and have several top financial blogs in their network.

Zest Bit

Payment Structure: Revenue Share (A split percentage of Adsense and affiliate sales commission)
Copyrights Granted To Site: Non-exclusive (See part 6 of terms:
Application Link:

Review: Zest Bit is a content site somewhat similar to Squidoo and Hubpages. It is currently in beta mode and it is owned by

Zestbit allows writers to publish “twists” which are one page articles that contain information, reviews on products, or other content.

The twists also have affiliate links to products related to the content directly on the same page. Zest Bit also allows a bit of social networking by letting other users comment on each others twists and rate them. There is also a ranking system.