In this video, I am going to teach you the secret technique that all the other Internet marketers use to increase their Earnings Per Click – the Sales Funnel. It might not be special to some of you, but you will definitely fall in love with this technique when you see how it can bring massive wealth to your business. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Throughout the years, Internet marketing has evolved with a lightning speed. As a product vendor, relying on only one product isn’t enough to keep your business alive anymore.

This is why we need a proven technique that can increase your revenue. Sales funnels are a time-tested technique that can bring massive revenue to your business. Without any additional work, traffic or effort, you can boost your sales just by implementing the sales funnel.

When you apply sales funnel into your launch, it will be your main stream of income. You can see the results almost instantly.

Now that you already know why you need to apply sales funnel in to your launch, here you go with the sales funnel formula. Of course, this is a proven sequence that increases revenue after years of experience in the Internet business.

Let’s get down to discussing each of these products now.

First, your frontline product is called a front-end product. Even though it sells in a cheaper price, but without a great front-end product, the whole sales funnel will be affected.

Front-end can be said to be the most important product among the others because it represents the value of your products. It plays the role of securing the first impressions of your potential customers.

Moving on, you might’ve noticed that there are three upsells happening in the flowchart. The upsells are the main source of revenue in the sales funnel, because you will put a higher price tag for your upsells. While front-end products initiate the buying trance, upsells are an immediate offer to continue and complete the loop.

It can be a solution for forecasted problems for the buyers; hence, you can price an upsell with a higher price. For instance, if your front-end is about how to build and grow a mailing list, your upsell may be a training course to teach them how to direct massive traffic to the website.

A small tip here for you: offer bonuses in your upsell one. The offering of bonuses increases the perceive value of the upsell, and make it a no brainer offer to grab.

And then, there’s the downsell. Downsells happen after upsell one. As mentioned, upsell one is usually offered with some bonuses. With downsells, you’ll remove the bonuses and reoffer them the same product at a lower price.

Some of the buyers may hesitate to purchase upsell one because of the price, they don’t think the upsell is worth the price. Here is when downsells come in, a discount for the same product without bonuses.

The final product in the sales funnel is called a backend. Usually the backend offer happens only after a few days in the follow-up emails, because backend products can be a long term coaching program or membership sites that are priced up to 997 dollars.

You wouldn’t want to scare them away by putting this up first. So, must remember to put your backend offer in the follow up emails few days after they’ve purchased your product.

In the beginning of this video, I mentioned how to use sales funnels to gain epic Earnings Per Clicks, or in short EPC. Now, I will elaborate and explain about it and will introduce the formula to calculate it, too.

EPC is the average earnings of each click that your affiliate or you send to your website. It involves your conversion rate, if your EPC averages about 2 dollars and above, you are doing good.

How do you calculate your EPC? The formula of EPC is Sales divided by the number of clicks.

Picture this scenario: Let’s say you are able to direct hundred clicks to your website regardless from your own traffic or the affiliates. And from these hundred clicks, two of them made purchase of a product worth fifty dollars. So, fifty dollars times two equals to hundred dollars. That is your sales, the money you’ve made.

Now, use the formula to find EPC, which is sales divided by the number of clicks. What you make from sales here is hundred dollars divided by the number of clicks, which is hundred clicks.

The answer would the EPC. In this case, the EPC is one dollar.

For bigger picture of EPC, let’s go through it with another example. If you direct three hundred clicks to the website, and eight of them make purchase of a hundred dollar product, your sales would be eight hundred dollars.

With the EPC formula, you’ll have: the sales here is eight hundred dollars and the number of clicks here is three hundred.

After dividing, you’ll get two dollars and sixty seven cents. That amount is the EPC. Easy.

So, in a nutshell, a higher product’s EPC reflects higher sales in your launch. It is more likely to get a higher rank in SEO if your EPC is high, because it reflects that the traffic to your website is high.

However, though it sounds like a great idea to make as much sales as possible by directing more traffic to your website, it is not wise to send traffic randomly. You need to know who the product’s target market is and who is in the niche. This is the basic rule of marketing that applies in all business.

Remember, all traffic must be targeted traffic.