A new listing on eBay appears to be for the next version of Google Glass rumored to be the successor to Google’s failed effort to create a consumer-oriented face-worn wearable device. When Google finally shutdown the old Google Glass program, there was talk then and in ensuing months about a business or enterprise focused version that would eventually be produced. The new eBay listing appears to show a device somewhat consistent with past rumors if it is indeed a legitimate listing.

The item itself merely indicates it is for a pair of Google Glass in black. No specifications are provided. However, one item that stands out in the pictures is the presence of hinges in the frames that would enable the unit to be folded and stowed a little bit easier. The ability to fold the frames was alleged to be one of the weaknesses from the first round that Google was going to address. The hinges in the eBay listing appear to be consistent with a unit spotted in an FCC filing from last year. The old style pouch that came with non-folding Google Glass units does not seem to be consistent with folding frames though.

The main unit itself appears to be a bit more streamlined than the original versions of Google Glass. Also apparent is a change in the charging hardware as a magnetic connector is present for the USB cable instead of a traditional microUSB slot common to many electronic devices. We can also see in one of the images the Glass logo despite some claims that Google was going to drop the name.

In addition to the questions that will arise as to authenticity, assuming this is an actual working unit, its presence on eBay raises some questions. This could be a listing by a rogue tester who is in violation of some agreements to keep things confidential, in which case they will probably be in some hot water and the listing will be pulled soon. Another possibility is that this is an older prototype and Google has moved on to other revisions and someone is just decluttering their bin of gadgetry.

Recently Google began purging itself of some Glass related social media accounts. Despite claims to the contrary, Google could be shutting down the whole effort to produce something like Google Glass even for enterprise and business users. If so, the testers may be tossing leftover hardware while they move on to other projects.

Do you think this is a legitimate set of Google Glass and if so, what do you think it means for the program?

[source: eBay]