LOL… Yes, some girls are pathological liars. I could never lie as well as some girls can.

It’s easy to blame this on girls, but in fact we are all human and we’re all on the same team. Like, let’s never forget that even though our gender is different, we’re still on the same team and have the human race’s evolution in best interest.

So why do girls do this? Because guys put them in a position where they have no choice, on a daily basis. So if guys weren’t making them uncomfortable all the time, this wouldn’t become learned behavior.

But in the same way that a drug addict runs out of money, and borrow from his friend with full intention of paying it back, and then does so with all his other friends, and then resorts to stealing eventually (again, with full intention of putting the money back later on, even though it never happens), they go down a slippery slope of just getting used to lying, and becoming good at it. So they can lie with the same proficiency as street scum.

Guys reading this article who don’t have the field experience will think it’s an exaggeration, but this is very accurate. And it’s not just about ‘club girls’. It’s about almost all girls.

I love seeing girls lying for each-other, because they do that as an autopilot response too. For example if you call up a girl you’ve seen every day for a week, and say her friend is over. Ask your GF to put her friend on the line. Then say to her friend “Hey, I like your friend, but she’s been busy all week. She’s so flakey. Tell her to hang with me.” (even though you hung out every day all week). The friend will say “She’s really busy right now. She was helping me move all week” (or some variation). Then you can laugh at them and say “Haha, I was with her all week, you just lied”. And then she’ll deny it. She’ll say “No I didn’t.” – even though she did. Then if you make her admit it, she’ll hate you for life.

The level of lying they can do is SCARY. And for me, I can read a lie from a girl now. I’m like the kid from 6th Sense – “I see dead people”. And its hard for me to hold a relationship now, because I can read the lies so clearly. The girls can’t conceive of a guy with a lie detector like I have, because they would never figure the background I have with social interaction (I only learned this because I’ve done thousands of pickups). So its hard for me to feel trust or love anymore. I have a girlfriend right now that I was in love with, but because she broke my trust a few times, I lost a lot of my feelings for her. Then when I visited, I just wanted sex because I didn’t really like her company like I used to. She could tell, and felt like I was using her and then denied me sex. I think she went to her boyfriend’s house during the day and fucked him, and that’s why she didn’t want it. And YET, this may not be true. And it’s only because I have been the guy who the girls have ditched their BFs during the day to go fuck so many times, that I have this projection. I dumped her on the spot for not wanting to have sex. Not because I cared about the sex, but because I thought “Things are too fucked up now. Time to move on.” I’m going to fly by her town and visit her for a night when I fly back to Canada, to see if she’ll take initiative to do anything about it.

And yet, nothing in our relationship is really bad. I just have all these fucked up projections that I’ve gotten, because I’ve seen too much shit.

Obviously this is something I’m going to have to get past if I ever want a relationship, and I’ll have to tolerate lying and not bringing it up that I know. Because the lies that these girls tell, even THEY don’t know they’re doing it. Like this is literally pathological. If you call them on it, it’s as if a glitch in their brain hits, they can’t compute it, and their hard drive crashes. It’s fucking weird to see.

One of my favorite things to do on workshop is to bait girls to lie in front of the guys with me. I would say “Watch this”, and then I’ll get them to blatantly lie to me. Then I’ll prove they’re lying, and the guys are jaw dropped. They’ll email me months later saying it sent chills down their spine how the girls could do that, and how they can recognize it now. It’s so fucked up.

It makes me sad sometimes, because I came into the game just wishing I could find a girl that I liked and who liked me, so we could hang out and have all the benefits of healthy human touch/contact. And if I address this with the girls I’m seeing, they’ll say bullshit like “I’m not like that.. I know what you mean, but that’s not me..” And I’ll want to believe it, because I want a girlfriend so badly (a girl that I think is my girlfriend, not just some hottie I’m telling that to in order to hook up with her more). But then I’ll catch them in the same bullshit. And guys will say to me “My girl isn’t like that.. You just need to meet the right girl.” And then I’ll meet their girlfriend and she’ll hit on me!

Oh well… You can’t have everything!

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